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Get in and stay in the Federal Contracting game using our streamlined approach to proposal development - the Agile-Based Methodology for Proposal Development (AMPD!).


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PropDev Training Course

We teach businesses the art of planning and managing the activities associated with developing proposals. Get AMPD! and grow your business.

Get AMPD! PropDev

Content Library Starter Kit

This content library starter kit contains KEY tailorable content to get you started to developing compliant and compelling proposals.


PropDev Starter Kit Bundle

The PropDev Starter Kit Bundle includes both the training and content library starter kit. Get Ready - Get Set - Go Create Winning Proposals!

Our Approach

We help small businesses with Federal Contracting goals focusing on the 5Ps of Business Growth:

Prospects, Pursuits, Proposals, Processes, and Performance.


  • Prospects

    Prospect & Pipeline - build an active pipeline of opportunities which align to your core capabilities. 

  • Pursuits

    Partner, Pursue, & Position - perform the necessary preliminary work to increase win position. 

  • Proposals

    Use our AMPD! process to seamlessly propose your solutions to the requirements.

  • Processes

    Develop and implement strong technical, management, operations, and oversight processes using quality frameworks such as CMMI and ISO and the CMMC cybersecurity framework.

  • Performance

    Manage performance and customer satisfaction through oversight activities. A satisfied customer is a returning customer.

After working with many small businesses, the one thing that I discovered that's crucial to their success is -  proposal development infrastructure.  It seems start-up companies and companies that receive the 8a certification are instructed to go win work.  There is a strong disconnect in communicating the how. CMC serves as a bridge to address this disconnect with our AMPD! framework, products, & services.

Download Our Free 5Ps to Business Growth Infosheet

  • Balance the chase versus hunt dynamic when identifying opportunities.

  • Align your pursue and position approach with the quality versus quantity aspects accordingly.

  • Avoid partnering without considering the 3Cs of partnering.


As a passionate small business advocate, CMC provides products and services to assist small businesses in navigating the Federal Contracting environment to get from business start-up to business success mode.

  • Process Improvement

    • Process Development & Management
    • CMMI Prep Assessments & Consulting Support
    • ISO 9001, 20000, and 27001 Prep Assessments & Consulting Support
    • ISO 9001 Internal Audits
    • CMMC Prep Assessments & Consulting Support
  • Performance Management

    • Get AMPD! Proposal Coaching Support
    • Proposal Infrastructure Development
    • Program Management & SETA Support
  • Training

    • Get AMPD! Training

    • ISO Internal Auditing Fundamentals

    • Quality Cognizance

    • Federal Contracting with the 5Ps

  • Business Strategy One-on-One Sessions

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