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Simplify the art of planning and managing the activities associated with developing proposals with CMC’s

Agile-Based Methodology for Proposal Development – AMPD!® process.

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What is AMPD!

Based on 25+ years of experience, AMPD!® is the culmination of the lessons learned from the challenges and successes of proposal management and development efforts. It’s a streamlined approach to equip small businesses with the ability to maximize proposal output - consistently!


AMPD! takes into account the limited resources that small business are faced with when developing proposal responses.


AMPD! is scalable and tailorable and maximizes proposal output to get you in or enhance your Federal Contracting game!


AMPD! is the bridge between the Request For Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) and a compliant, compelling, and credible proposal response.


We've learned the hard lessons so you don't have to!!

What's Included in the Bundle

Get AMPD! and start responding to proposals immediately. Our starter kit has everything you need to get started - except your next RFP/RFQ. 

Get AMPD! Training


Get AMPD! Training

This course provides an introduction to AMPD! and how to implement AMPD! as your core proposal development process. Learn about the 3 Core Phases of the process - Playbook, Drive, & End Zone. The course is broken into 2 modules - Foundation and Application. You will leave this course with a renewed vigor for developing proposal responses.


If you're not familiar with Federal Contracting and want to learn how to start winning work - then this course is for you! Want to enhance your current approach to proposal development - then this course is also for you! The small business Federal Contracting community will definitely get useful takeaways from this course.


Get AMPD! Proposal Asset Library Starter Kit

Get AMPD! Proposal Asset Library Starter Kit

The Proposal Asset Library Starter Kit includes key plans, core proposal templates, and proposal management documents. It includes a comprehensive Proposal Development Guide. With over 40 core proposal documents and 20 starter graphics, small businesses are well on their way to building upon this library and streamlining proposal efforts.

Implement the 3Ts approach to proposal development:

- Templates - start with a proposal template.

-Text - pull text from the content library as appropriate.

-Tailor - tailor the text to the opportunity.


Get AMPD! Training  +  Get AMPD! Proposal Asset Library Starter Kit 

Get AMPD! PropDev Starter Kit Bundle


The Get AMPD! PropDev Starter Kit Bundle includes the AMPD! training and the Proposal Asset Starter Library. Benefit from both of these powerful tools at a discounted price. Learn about AMPD! and strengthen your Federal Contracting game by combining both the AMPD! training and the proposal assets in the starter library. Get in the race for business growth through Federal Contracting with this incredible bundle!







Jo Deans

Small Business Advocate &

Creator of the Get AMPD! Family of Products

Insight. Served on both sides of the fence as a Federal Government Employee and Federal Contractor.


Experience. A quadruple force serving in technical, management, operations, and senior executive roles. Over 25 years supporting business development, capture management, proposal management, and service delivery disciplines.


Passion. Strong advocate for small businesses in providing tactical guidance in navigating the Federal Contracting market and ushering businesses from start-up to success status.


Insight, Experience, & Passion - All included in the Get AMPD! Family of Products!

Capstone Management Consulting, LLC

Get AMPD! 

Whether you’re looking to improve your current proposal development process, establish or build upon your proposal asset library, stabilize business development targets, or normalize capture and proposal development activities, CMC can help.

Earn back your return on investment again and again with each proposal effort with our AMPD! products.