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Agile-based Methodology for Proposal Development (AMPD!)

Based on 25+ years of experience, AMPD! is the culmination of the lessons learned from the challenges and successes of proposal management and development efforts. It’s a streamlined approach to equip small businesses with the ability to maximize proposal output - consistently.

  • What's in the Course: An overview of AMPD! is provided to include foundation and application concepts.

  • Who's the Course for:, The course was specifically designed with small businesses in mind. However, any business seeking Federal Contracts that has a desire to streamline and standardize their proposal development process would benefit from the course.

  • How is the Course Delivered: The course is delivered virtually using our membership portal. If you desire a live training event, please contact us directly.

  • What's in it for You: You will leave the course with a renewed vigor for proposal development. The process can be implemented immediately in your organization. Expected results include: maximized proposal outputs; better management of the proposal efforts; and a consistent process to developing proposal responses.

Get AMPD! Training

​Following a process to identify and qualify opportunities, increase win probability, and generate proposals is critical to get into and remain in the Federal Contracting space. The process should be tailorable, scalable, and should also provide insight on how to continuously improve proposal development efforts – the Agile-based Methodology for Proposal Development (AMPD!®) is that process.


AMPD! consists of three (3) core phases: Playbook, Drive, and End Zone.


Conduct foundational proposal development activities.

The proposal workspace is established and key proposal documents are created. The playbook is developed and used as the roadmap to manage the proposal development lifecycle.


Navigate the four (4) downs with gate criteria to drive the proposal to completion. 

Content is created to articulate the solution in response to the requirements. The proposal traverses Writing, Recovery, and Review activities to refine and strengthen content along the way.

End Zone

Finalize the proposal and submit.

The proposal is approved for submission, tracking systems are updated, and lessons learned are discussed and recorded.

Now we wait for award (or negotiations)!


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